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RewiringFor all your switchboard and rewiring needs across Melbourne, you can count on the professional, on-time service provided by the team at ElecFirst Electricians. Read from some of our delighted customers here and learn about our satisfaction guaranteed service here.  ElecFirst Electricians can help with all your switchboard and rewiring needs:

ElectriciansSwitchboard Repairs
If you have been experiencing power supply problems with your appliances or lighting it may be due to a faulty switchboard. One of our ElecFirst electrical experts can visit your home or business, at a time to suit you and perform a professional assessment and any repairs to ensure your switchboard is providing you with a reliable and safe power supply.

TimeSwitchboard Upgrades and New Installations
Many older switchboards are struggling to handle the amount of consumer electronics in modern homes and businesses. They were just not designed to handle the power that multiple TVs, washing machines, microwave ovens, air conditioners and computers require. If you’re experiencing power outages and unreliable power, ElecFirst can evaluate your electrical needs and see if a repair or upgrade to your switchboard is required. We will ensure your home or business has enough power and it is being delivered safely and reliably by your switchboard. This will reduce the risks of overloading and the potential for electrical fires.

Older or faulty wiring in your home could lead to an unreliable or intermittent power supply, as well as the risk of fire.  ElecFirst can assess the current condition of your wiring and perform any rewiring work to ensure your wiring is at a safe and reliable working standard. This will reduce the risk of electrical fire and electrocution, making your home or office safe.

Capacity Upgrades
If you’ve recently made additions to your home or business, or installed high energy consuming appliances such as cooling systems, you don’t want to dangerously exceed the capacity of your switchboard unnecessarily.  ElecFirst’s expert electricians can ensure you always have enough power to safely run all of your appliances and advise whether a capacity upgrade is required.

Safety Switches
A safety switch brings peace of mind by protecting your family, friends, employees and customers from potential electric shocks. ElecFirst can install a safety switch into your home or business that will automatically detect any imbalances in the power supply that could lead to electrocutions. The safety switch will shut-off the power and help keep everybody safe.

Usage Monitors
If you are searching for ways to reduce your power consumption and lower your energy bills and carbon footprint, then consider a usage monitor from ElecFirst Electricians. When a usage monitor has been installed you will have an effective way of monitoring current usage and be able to plan and implement effective changes to make energy and cost savings.

Safety Inspections
ElecFirst Electricians can perform a safety inspection at your home or business to ensure your wiring and power supply is safe and building code compliant. Our expert team of professional electricians can make any recommendations or perform any repairs or new installations that might be required to provide safe power at maximum capacity. This service is sure to be of interest to those buying or selling property.

Circuit Breaker Upgrades
If you have an older style fuse box it may not meet current safety requirements. ElecFirst can advise and install modern, convenient circuit breakers for your home or business. You no longer have to worry about fuse wires in case of a power outage; now all you need to do to restore power is flick a switch.

For all your switchboard and rewiring requirements in the Melbourne area, call and speak with the professional team of electrical experts at ElecFirst Electricians today.

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